BoNES Marathon 2023

December 7th 2023 – December 10th 2023


The BoNES Marathon is back!

We’re gathering the best players from around the world to take part in a multi-day marathon of NES speedruns.

What is it?

The Best of NES (BoNES) marathon celebrates NES speedrunning by showcasing world record holders and top runners of the entire NES library. It runs for several days to showcase dozens of runners and games — now is the time to show off your favorite games!

When is it?

The marathon is scheduled to run all day and night from Thursday, December 7th 2023 – Sunday, December 10th 2023.

The Schedule

You can find the schedule, subscribe to updates, and view the live calendar here:

Thursday, Dec. 7th
Art by Anny-D:
Friday, Dec. 8th
Saturday, Dec. 9th
Sunday, Dec. 10th

Info for Runners
Marathon Guidelines

Below are the guidelines for streaming your run(s).

You can see the current schedule here. If there are any issues or do not feel you can make your assigned time, please reach out to BoNES staff ASAP.

All runs must be live-performed. If a recorded video is played instead of a live run, you may be prohibited from participating in future Best of NES events. Your run is not meant to be perfect! Live runs are what everyone wants to see and can produce some great moments.

1. OBS Setup
2. Before your run
3. During your run
4. After your run
5. Contact Info