Latest Past Events

NES Odyssey

Can we beat every NES game in a week? We’re going to try to beat 800 NES Games over the course of a week. This includes all the licensed NES games used by runners that have beaten every NES game, such as TheMexicanRunner. This also includes several selected Famicom, Unlicensed, and Homebrew games. There are certainly […]

Lawnmower Remix 2024

It's mowing season! This is a blind race event and anyone can join. Players will receive the ROM file prior to the event via Discord, then will be racing almost immediately after. The format of the event may change based on the number of participants.

Friday the 13th Knockout

Can you survive?? BoNES will be running a Friday the 13th Knockout race on April 13th. The slowest runner(s) from each heat will be eliminated and the remaining runners will continue until there is only one remaining!